No Free Lunch: Economics for A Fallen World

Preface and Acknowledgements


It is not too cliché to thank Jesus Christ for all He gives; for every good and perfect gift is from above. He has given me a passion for economic and biblical truth, which I have tried to communicate in this book.

My wife is exceptionally supportive, and has sacrificed many hours of my partnership while I have worked on this text. My aspiring photographer Megan took time to take pictures for figures in the text, and all my children had to listen to much economics during too many meals to mention.

Cedarville University (CU) provides an intellectual climate which highly values biblical integration; few schools would have welcomed the creation of such a text (although you can’t blame CU for the result!). Dr. Bert Wheeler painstakingly reviewed the entire text and Dr. Galen Smith “beta tested” it with students to provide feedback on its usefulness. Dr. Aaron James reviewed the text from a theological perspective; any remaining issues are undoubtedly my refusal to take all of his sound counsel. Five students in particular are to be thanked, as they suffered with not only the text but me for one semester in the initial trial: John Bennett, Lani Lear, Michael Lee, Michael Williams, and Zak Weston. They provided especially useful comments.

CU’s Center for Teaching and Learning, led by Phil Schanely, has been a creative support for the book. Special thanks go to Rachael Carrington (editor), April Bennett (prototype design), Rachel Molstre (assistant graphic designer), and Melissa Johnson (assistant graphic designer).

Finally, thanks are given to The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) who provided a mini-grant to fund some of the technical implementation of the book (creation of the eBook, a theological review by biblical faculty, and development of a website to host the eBook).

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