No Free Lunch: Economics for A Fallen World

Preface and Acknowledgements

How to Use This Text

The text is created to be an online resource, with both PDF versions and an eBook. This not only saves the reader the cost of physically printing a book, but allows us to leverage the tremendous breadth of information available on the Internet. I have included many hyperlinks for the readers’ use, falling in two categories. The first links are for reference, and will be seen in a stand-out color that is “clickable.” If you want further information, or a source to document a statement made in the text (especially scriptural support), clicking through to the underlying link may be helpful. The second category are links that the reader should watch/read to capture the intent of the text; these will be indicated by explicit direction to read or watch something, with the videos given a direct click from a picture (similar to what you’d see in an embedded YouTube video). While all links are subject to change, they will be updated frequently. You too can be a part of this text! Through the website you can provide feedback on any part of the book, including identifying dead hyperlinks (or better ones for the purposes of the text).

A few words on the format: Every chapter will have an introductory scripture section with appropriate discussion to relate it to the economic material of the chapter. This will be followed by a list of desired learning objectives; these should help guide the reader to ensure he/she is capturing the important points. Each chapter will end with a “Great Economist” history to help students understand more about the people who have created the economic science we have today. Finally, there will be summary questions for the reader to try and apply the information included in the text. For faculty, a set of PowerPoint charts is available on the website to facilitate classroom discussion of the material.

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  1. Susie Hicks | Dec 27, 2017 10:43 pm

    I will be using this book to teach a class in January. How do I access the PowerPoint charts?
  2. Sandy Keller | Aug 08, 2016 11:41 am

    How can I access the pdf file so I can have an offline version for the days the internet connection doesn't work?