No Free Lunch: Economics for A Fallen World

7 | Production: Man At Work


As a young student, you have the world in front of you. If you are a Christian, you have the God of the universe who wants you to succeed (in ways that honor Him, and sanctify you!). The Bible and history both witness to the concept of ethical cause and effect: if you are obedient to God, you receive long-term covenantal blessings (albeit not necessarily material); if you are disobedient, you eventually receive curses (Deut 28; Psalm 73). What an exciting time to be alive! Some of you want to complete college—likely most of you. Some may be ready to get a job. Some may want to own your own business. One of you might be the college dropout who starts the next Microsoft. Whichever path you wish to take, we must serve others if we want to survive and prosper (unless you live on a deserted island like the fictional character Robinson Crusoe). But whatever you ultimately do, you will be involved in the production process.

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